Implementation of crash report processing systems


Crashtec is complete solution for automatically reporting, collecting, processing and displaying crash reports from remote clients. Crashtec allows improve quality of your software and saves highly skilled staff time.

How it works
When program crashes at user side appears Crashtec crash reporter dialog which helps user upload crash data to your Crash Reports Collecting server instance in the internet. Reported data usually are memory dump and crash description file. Crash Reports Collecting server responsible for accepting, and holding crash reports from the internet. Just after saving report of the server, Crashtec Processor starts his work. Processor analyzes report data and prepares fault thread stack traces and other info that helps software engineers determine the root cause of the crash.

Crashtec distributed architecture

Crashtec distributed architecture

The Crashtec UI allows developers to browse the crash information from the web browser. In addition to being able to examine specific individual crash reports, there are trend reports that show which crashes are the most common as well as the status of bugs about those crashes in bug tracker.

Core Functionality

  • Accepting crash reports from large number of remote clients
  • Process crash reports (memory dumps) using debuggers or other type of special applications
  • Effectively hold large amount of source and processed files
  • Additionally processes, aggregate and filter result data
  • Integration with popular build server and bug tracking systems.